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Trudi’s Message

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2018 was supposed to be a somewhat lazy year. Because of the timing of our New Zealand trip, I assumed that my commitments would have to be less than in previous years. Wrong! As you read on, you’ll see why that was, but suffice to say, it was a diverse and busy year.

I continue to participate in productions and events at Diamond Head Theatre; and I’m still enjoying my Jazzercise and dance classes (jazz, tap, ballet). My website business continues to do well, and keeps me challenged. We’ve had lots of social events to attend, including the Susan G. Komen Pink Ball, where Bill wore a pink tie and cumberbun. We were also invited to a private reception for Salvatore Ferragamo Jr., and a friend’s home on Black Point.

Theatre Projects

Because of our trip to New Zealand in February, I had not planned on doing the (DHT) winter production of Calendar Girls. However, the person assigned to Stage Manage, had a major conflict at the beginning of the rehearsal period, so I agreed to share the job with her. It was a lovely production, with a very brave group of ladies willing to bare nearly all on stage! Of course, all the important bits stayed covered, but that was an amazing challenge in itself – trying to make sure that there wasn’t a seat in the house where someone could see what they shouldn’t. It was a bit disappointing to have to leave the production just before it opened, but I’m very happy that they had a successful run.

Since I knew that our trip would also conflict with the DHT spring show, I decided to give working with Hawaii Opera Theatre a try as an Assistant Stage Manager. I signed up for a production of Eugene Onegin, which kept me busy in March and April. While it was a fantastic experience being able to work with HOT, and at the Blaisdell Concert Hall, I don’t see myself repeating the experience. I’m typically committed at DHT when the opera productions are running.

Just prior to Eugene Onegin opening, I was asked to take over the Stage Management for the very first community theatre production of “A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder” – we lovingly called it GGLAM. How could I say no? Because of my commitment to the opera, I missed the first couple weeks of rehearsals for GGLAM; and I’m very grateful to Mary M. for covering in my absence. This small ensemble show was a joy to manage. The cast was amazingly talented and versatile. I grew to enjoy the show more with every rehearsal and performance.

I closed out the year at DHT with Hello, Dolly!, starring Hawaii’s own Tony Nominee, Loretta Ables Sayre as Dolly. It was an honor to be Stage Manage Loretta, and local boy turned New Yorker Andrew Sakaguchi, and of course a multi-talented ensemble, in this colorful, and lively production. While our backstage experiences could be called more than challenging, our dedicated crew pulled it off. I am eternally grateful to them. Make sure to watch the time-lapse video of the scene change from Act I to Act II. It’s amazing!

For the past several years, I have been Assistant to John Rampage, and Stage Manager, of the annual Ilima Awards, which is DHT’s biggest fundraiser of the year,  goes hand in hand with the fall production, so I had the privilege of working with some of the best local performers managing the Ilima show. Another awards event I attended was the Poʻokela Awards, which is our local version of the Tony’s. Several awards were given to productions I managed.

Something new that I’m preparing for is a workshop series to encourage more people to join the ranks of technical theatre and stage management. DHT hopes to kick this off with an introductory session at the end of December. I’ll also be taking the stage management piece of it to the Hawaii State Thespian Festival in January. I was a member of the Thespian Troup at Skyline High, and attended the California Festival my senior year. I’m nervously excited to (hopefully) inspire a few young people, as I was inspired at their age. Wish me luck!

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Other Photos

Aunt June in the bi-plane

Gotta Brag!

My Aunt June, who is 101 years old, never gives up on her love of adventure. Flying is one of the things that really thrills her. We’ve taken her up in our plane in past years. This year, her assisted living community planned an outing that included a bi-plane flight.Way to go June!!

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Cross Media Hawaiʻi Current Projects

I have only added one client this year, but have continued to maintain most of the sites I have developed over the years. Below are some of the noteworthy items from 2018.

  • I developed a blog for my Jazzercise instructor. I have been doing weekly mailings for a couple of years, but now she has a robust archive of her tips and messages.
  • I transitioned from  a volunteer to a paid consultant for our Community Organization, WIRCA. I updated their public facing site, and re-designed their logo.
  • Another transition that is currently underway is with Sylvan Greens Homeowners Association. I have been managing a private social media system called Bigtent for them for many years. In August we were notified that Bigtent was going out of business at the end of 2018. I submitted a proposal for a dedicated, private website, which I am currently in the process of developing.
  • As part of my continued training, I have been learning more about SEO (search engine optimization). I have several clients who need to be able to stand out in search results. My goal is to help them achieve more visibility.
  • I designed a new logo, refreshed the website, and assisted with relocation messaging for Kahala Pet Hospital when they moved to a new office.

Please click the images below to visit my clients’ websites and learn more about them.

Linda Lockwood logo
Kahala Pet Hospital logo
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