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If you remember from last year, I got really sick, and didn’t want to eat. I lost a lot of weight until my doctor made me better. I still don’t like to eat very much, but mom and dad give me medicine mixed in with chicken baby food – shhh, they think I don’t know there’s medicine in it. They also rub stuff on my ear sometimes to improve my appetite. I’m feeling a lot better this year. You can look at the before and after pictures to see how much better I look!

I’m much more active than I was a year ago. My mom and dad still worry about me, and the doctor still doesn’t know what caused me to get sick, so we really hope that whatever it was will not come back.

Thank you to all my friends at the doctor’s office. I’m sorry that I hiss at you so much.

image of Ginger after surgery2018

Ginger in 2017 and 2018. Move the slider to see each photo.


This year I turned 11 years old! My face is getting more gray, but I still like to play and go for walks. I am still swimming every day, but I don’t play for quite as long as I used to. I made a new swimming friend this year. I hope Izzy will come back and play with me again!

I think I developed an allergy this year. I was really itchy, and I scratched and bit the itchy places – which wasn’t good. I have to take medicine now, but at least I don’t feel so itchy.

I like my sitter, Josh, a lot. One time, Mom and Dad were gone for 3 weeks and Josh played with me every day. Mom and Dad can go away more often.

image of Bart and his toy

Bart and his pool toy
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