Lehua Island

2018 – 6 years in Hawaii!

Hard to believe we’re well into our 7th year in Honolulu!

I continue to do consulting on a part time basis, this year brought the opportunity to create a patent with one of my clients.

I’m also continuing my work with the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Air. I’m now the Auxiliary 14th District Flight Safety Officer. I’m still training and evaluating new pilots and aircrew for our squadron, as well as flying missions on a regular basis. I’ve now done patrols around all 7 major Hawaiian islands; you’ll find some pictures below of Niihau, the so-called “Forbidden Island”, which is privately owned and very unspoiled.

Recently, we’ve started flying endangered birds from several islands to the Hawaii Wildlife Center, where they can rehabilitate prior to being released back into the wild. I’ve flown a Hawaiian Owl, known as a Pueo, a Nene goose, a flightless version of the Canadian goose native to Hawaii, and countless Shearwaters, another endangered species of seabird. You can see a video of some of the Shearwaters on Facebook.

I’m still working with the Federal Aviation Administration on airport projects, participating as a representative of the General Aviation community to try to address aviation safety issues associated with airport operations and runway incursions, where I represent the Aircraft Owner’s and Pilots Association.

I’ve spent the last few months as a member of the search committee to find a new Dean for the University of Hawaii College of Engineering. We had many good candidates, and ended up bringing 5 of them to Honolulu to interview in person. Hopefully one of them will be the new Dean in 2019.